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We use our expertise with Facebook Advertising to ensure your ads reach your highest value consumers available while reducing ad spend.

With over 1.23 billion users, it might seem challenging or near impossible to reach your ideal customer base with your Facebook advertisements. You may be searching for some help with navigating the murky waters of social media advertising. In fact you may possibly be searching for the best Facebook advertising agency available.

Consider this - Facebook ads reach more consumers than the Super Bowl does, and better yet it does so on a daily basis. And our team is ready and waiting to optimize your Facebook advertising campaign so that your ads get delivered to only the users who are actively seeking to purchase or learn more about your products/services.

Now more than ever, you can target segments or niches in your market and create high quality ads that instantly draw these people to your business. By focusing on a highly specialized portion of the entire Facebook population, your ROI (return on investment) will increase exponentially.

Benefits Of Facebook Advertising

Send traffic from Facebook onto your website, newsletter sign up page or to your own Facebook page

Increase the number of “likes” to your business page by users you are targeting.
Cost less than 1% of what a traditional television ads cost, while reaching the same amount of people.
Facebook Advertisements blend in with regular posts, so users rarely know the difference.
You can target a custom audience by age, gender, interests, spending habits, location and more.
Users that see your ads can also see if a friend of theirs has liked the ads, which would make them more likely to do so as well.
Increase the number of “likes” to your business page by users you are targeting.
Increase reach for your other post (regular ads only reach about 3% of your fans organically.)

What Is Included In Our Facebook Ads Specialist Plans


Our services are provided at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in house Facebook advertising consultant.


Use content and media that truly represents your brand to your clients.


Auditing your ongoing Facebook ads and preparing an action plan to provide recommendations on how to improve.


Daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly performance reports on your campaigns.


We create and optimize the most profitable copy to be used in your campaigns.


Create/optimize landing pages that will increase your ROI if needed.


Manage your daily bidding and optimizing the use of your budget.


Create high quality custom audiences using our expertise and knowledge of the Facebook ad platform.


Revamping and updating your custom audiences during an ad campaign to improve conversion.


Suggesting and evaluating social media advertising tools.

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